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Choosing a New Ride

Choosing a New Ride

I am in the market for a new car. I have been driving the same one going on 7 years now so it is time. I have had it paid off for the last 2 years and while it is nice not having a payment I can afford one. I always buy new because I don’t like the idea of somebody else having owned it before. I don’t trust people to keep up on oil changes and other maintenance. That is in part because growing up I had a neighbor that never put oil in his car. He ended up blowing the motor on it and I never forgot that. I don’t know yet what I am going to get but I have a general idea of what I want. I want something like a Mazda 3. My friend Sherri has one and I really like it. I will also check out Volkswagen Jettas as I like those too. Besides that I will see what else I can find in that price range.

I will also have to do a car insurance comparison to see what that looks like. I think they should all be around the same price but we’ll see. It isn’t like I am going to be looking at Corvettes or anything like that. I think this is the longest that I have ever owned a vehicle before. I usually trade them in before this but really liked this one. I was driving a Nissan Maxima and it never gave me much trouble besides the usual things. I did have to replace the wheel bearings last year but that was about the worst of it. I thought about getting another one but I don’t like the new models. I also want to get a stick shift this time as I am tired of driving an automatic.

I told my friend Randy that he should come with me because he is a master at haggling with the salesman. He said to let me know when I have one that I’m interested in and if he doesn’t have anything going on he will come with me. He actually used to sell cars years ago so he knows all the tricks of the trade. I keep telling him that he should write a book about it but he isn’t interested in doing something like that. He said he doesn’t have time nor the desire to do it.

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